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Execution client prune

Automatic Nethermind prune

By default, Nethermind will prune when free disk space falls below 350 GiB on mainnet, or 50 GiB on testnet. If you want to disable that, nano .env and change AUTOPRUNE_NM to false.

Continuous Besu prune

Besu continuously prunes with BONSAI, and from 24.1.0 on also prunes its trie-logs. A long-running Besu may benefit from a manual trie-log prune, once.

Continuous Geth prune

Geth continuously prunes if synced with PBSS. If you are using an old hash-synced Geth, run ./ethd resync-execution to use PBSS. This will cause downtime while Geth syncs, which can take 6-12 hours.

Manual Nethermind or Besu prune

Run ./ethd prune-nethermind if using Nethermind. It will check prerequisites, online prune Nethermind, and restart it.

Run ./ethd prune-besu if using a long-running Besu. It will check prerequisites, offline prune Besu trie-logs, and restart it.