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Offline prune Geth.

The Geth DB will grow over time, and may fill a 1TB SSD in about 6 months.

You can offline prune Geth, bringing it back down close to its initial DB size.

Semi-automated Geth prune

Run ./ethd prune-geth. It will check prerequisites, prune Geth, and restart it

Fully automated Geth prune

The script ./ can be run in crontab to monitor disk space, and start a Geth prune when free disk space is below 100 GiB or below 10%, whichever comes first.

The script requires the bc package, install that first: sudo apt install bc

The script needs to be able to execute docker commands. If your user is a member of the docker group - that is, you can run docker ps without needing sudo - then you can crontab -e to add a crontab entry. If you require sudo for docker commands, place the script in root's crontab instead via sudo crontab -e.

An entry such as the following would run the script every day at 8AM local. Adjust the path to point to where your instance of eth-docker has been installed.
00 8 * * * /home/USER/eth-docker/

The MAILTO line will attempt to send you email when the script starts a prune. You'll need something like ssmtp for those mails to reach you.

The script can be run as --dry-run if you just want the email alert and not the automatic prune itself. --dry-run works without eth-docker installed, as well.

Manual Geth prune

To prune the Geth database manually:

Check the prerequisites for offline pruning Geth, which are:

  • The volume Geth stores its DB on has 40 GiB of free space or more. We know 25 GiB is not enough, and may corrupt the DB.
  • Geth 1.10.x installed
  • Geth is fully synced
  • Geth has finished creating a snapshot, and this snapshot is 128 blocks old or older

You can observe Geth logs with ./ethd logs -f execution. If it is importing (not syncing) blocks, is done with initial state import, and does not show a snapshot ETA, it is fully synced and has finished the snapshot generation.

Then run these commands:

  • ./ethd cmd stop execution && ./ethd cmd rm execution - stop Geth
  • ./ethd cmd run --rm --name geth_prune -d execution snapshot prune-state - start the pruning process
  • Observe pruning progress with docker logs -f --tail 500 geth_prune
  • When pruning is done: ./ethd up
  • And observe that Geth is running correctly: ./ethd logs -f execution