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In the absence of a proper test script, a few quick notes on a test sequence that should show functionality.

Prep that's not client specific:

  • cp default.env .env, adjust ports as needed
  • docker volume rm $(docker volume ls -q | grep eth-docker), wipe volumes from last pass, assuming that eth-docker is the directory we are testing in.

For each client:

  • Start with the most "complete" stack to test full build
  • Set COMPOSE_FILE in .env to full client stack
  • docker ps, make sure nothing is left running
  • Build the client stack:
    ./ethd cmd build --pull
  • ./ethd up, observe that they come up in order: execution->consensus->validator
  • rm .eth/validator_keys/*, wipe keys from last pass
  • ./ethd cmd run --rm deposit-cli, create keys
  • ./ethd keys import, import keys
  • Check running and logs and see that everything is chill, watch especially for missed connections:
    • docker ps
    • ./ethd logs execution
    • ./ethd logs consensus
    • ./ethd logs validator
  • ./ethd down